Crawford Soil & Water Conservation District
3111 State Route 98, Bucyrus, OH 44820 (419)-562-8280


    Our mission is to encourage and assist the people of Crawford County in making decisions for the wise use of our natural resources to provide a quality environment for all.

Conservation Districts are locally organized self-governing bodies chartered by the State. Through voluntary action and cooperation of landowners (and other stake holders), the District works to conserve land, water, forest, wildlife and other related resources for the benefit of all.

NEW Emergency Winter Manure Application Procedures

With the late fall harvest, wet fall weather and less than ideal fall cover crop establishment, some producers may find themselves in a situation where they must haul manure on frozen ground without the required growing cover necessary to properly apply manure under Ohio’s new manure application rules.  Not to worry though, there are provisions in the new rules to account for this type of emergency situation, allowing producers an exemption to apply manure.   The following are Emergency Manure Spreading criteria:

            For Solid Manure:  Emergency field applications of solid manure are not allowed, stockpiling is the only option for solid manure emergencies.   Pile manure in a location that is away from surface waters or tile inlets and in a location that best eliminates any potential runoff from the pile from entering surface water or tile systems.   

            For Liquid Manure:  Producers must first contact their local SWCD office and must demonstrate or prove their need for an emergency application.  This need may or may not be granted and is based on a winter manure inventory report or assessment.  Once this  inventory report is approved, specific criteria will be developed allowing for emergency application of manure for the producer.

Please contact the SWCD office as soon as you feel that you may have an issue so that we can avoid a more serious situation and possible ODA fines.  If you would like more information please contact the Crawford SWCD office at 419-562-8280 or the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture at 614-265-6913.    

Manure Side Dress Toolbar Available for Use


     The Crawford SWCD and OSU Extension are providing local livestock producers the opportunity to use a prototype liquid manure application toolbar.  This tool bar can be used to apply manure as an in-row, pre-plant application or as a side dress application in early growth corn.  This unit was used successfully on 3 farms in the area last spring and will be available again this spring.  The tool bar uses a dragline system to supply the manure to the toolbar.  A tractor and dragline hose system are available for use with this unit for those that are interested.   The tool bar is available for use free of charge for 1 or 2 day trial period.  This is a great opportunity for producers to try a new manure application windows and supply valuable nutrients to a growing crop.  Contact the Crawford SWCD or OSU extension for more information or to sign up to use the toolbar.  This opportunity will be limited so call now if interested.

Crawford SWCD Tree Sale

Deadline for ordering is March 29th. Seedlings will be available for pick up at the       SWCD office April 10th from 3:00-6:00 P.M. and                                                      April 11th from 7:30 A.M - 6:00 P.M.

Click below for a PDF Printable:

Tree Sale Order Form                    Tree Sale Descriptions

Crawford SWCD Fish Fingerling Sale

Deadline for ordering is Thursday April 25th. Fish will be available for pick up at the    SWCD office April 26th from 2:00-3:00 P.M.

Click below for a PDF Printable Order Form:

Fish Fingerling Sale Order Form